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BSI Summer School, University of Edinburgh, 1-4 July 2014

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Hydra, Greece, 31 August to 5 September 2015

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Helminth parasitology has proven to be one of the fastest growing research areas across a spectrum of scientific activities from genomics, immunology and tropical medicine. With rapidly increasing sequence information, new drug development for therapy, and intricate host-parasite molecular interactions, research on these organisms and the diseases they cause is becoming ever more exciting and relevant to global health. A key element in the success of helminth research has been the collaborative and interactive community of investigators working in this field.

Conferences on the Molecular and Cellular Biology of Helminth Parasites have been an integral part of the rapid development of this whole field. The conference series started with the first two meetings in Edinburgh in 1997 and 1999, and moved to the island of Hydra, Greece in 2002. Subsequent conferences have been held in Hydra in 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014.

All major areas of helminth research are included, in 12 thematic sessions. An important aspect of this meeting, is the interface between parasite biologists and investigators from worm model systems such as C. elegans, which is proving highly effective at bringing new blood and fresh perspectives into the field. The Conferences offer a special atmosphere of concentrated science, interactive discussions and generous opportunities for informal follow-ups.

Past Events

Hydra, Greece, 1-6 September 2014

Molecular & Cellular Biology of Helminth Parasites VIII

The Hydra 2014 Conference (1 -6 September 2014) was rated by some delegates as the best ever! We had a great set of speakers, and also for the first time introduced “Poster Pitches” in which each poster presenter spoke to the conference with just 1 slide for 2 minutes. As well as priming everyone for the poster sessions, this also meant that almost every participant was seen on stage at some point during the meeting.

Organising Committee:

Niki Gounaris, Imperial College, London
Rick Maizels, Edinburgh University
Ed Pearce, University of Pennsylvania
Murray Selkirk, Imperial College, London
A selection of photographs taken and owned by Sasisekhar Bennuru, at the 2014 Meeting:

Hydra, Greece, 2-7 September 2012

Molecular and Cellular Biology of Helminth Parasites VII.

The 2012 Hydra conference (2 -7 September 2012) was another exciting and enjoyable event, with landmark presentations across the whole field of molecular and cellular helminth research. Delegates came from around the globe - Australia, New Zealand, China, India, South Africa and South America as well as North American and Europe; three younger scientists from China, South Africa and Uruguay received Travelling fellowships through funds generously donated by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund. Our invited speakers, David Bird, Paul Sternberg, Raffi Aroian, David Artis and Alex Loukas all gave great presentations, and their attendance was facilitated by generous funding from Experimental Parasitology (Elsevier Journals). Overall there were more than 50 talks from leading scientists in the field and around 40 posters. Thanks to all those who presented data, participated in the discussions and contributed to a memorable meeting!

Organising Committee

Kleoniki Gounaris, Imperial College London

Rick Maizels, University of Edinburgh

Murray Selkirk, Imperial College London.

For more information about this event please go to: http://hydra.bio.ed.ac.uk/