Lab Alumni - Postdocs

Murray Selkirk 1984-1986 Now Professor of Biochemical Parasitology, Imperial College

Jan Bradley 1985-1988 Now Professor of Parasitology, University of Nottingham

Karen Day 1991 Now Professor and Chair, Department of Medical Parasitology, New York University

Mark Blaxter 1990-1993, Now Professor of Evolutionary Genomics, University of Edinburgh

David Gems 1991-1993, Now Reader, Institute of Healthy Ageing, University College London

Rachel Lawrence 1991-1995 Now Senior Lecturer, Veterinary Basic Sciences, Royal Veterinary College

Judith Allen 1992-1997, Now Professor of Immunobiology, University of Edinburgh

Michele Murdoch 1992-1994, Now Consultant Dermatologist, Watford General Hospital

Natalia Gomez-Escobar 1995-2005, Most recently Head of Molecular Biology, MRC Laboratories, The Gambia 

Alex Loukas 1995-1999, Professor at James Cook University, Cairns, Australia

Franco Falcone 1997-1999, Now Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham

Martin Holland 1997-2000, Now Senior Lecturer, MRC Laboratories, The Gambia and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Adam Balic 2000-2007, Now at Department of Paediatrics, Royal Children's Hospital, University of Melbourne, Australia

Lisa Colledge 2001-2002, Now Product Manager with Elsevier Press, the Netherlands

Matt Taylor 2001-2006, now MRC Career Development Research Fellow, Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, Edinburgh.

Gavin Nicoll 2003-2005, Now at Glasgow University Medical School

Irma Schabussova, 2003-2005. Now at the Medical University of Vienna

Francisca Mutapi 2003-2006. Now Lecturer, Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, University of Edinburgh

Mark Pearson 2009-2011. PhD from Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane. Holds a C J Martin Fellowship. Now at John Cook University, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

James Hewitson 2005-2013. PhD from Department of Biology, University of York. Investigated immune modulation by secreted nematode proteins and new vaccines against gastrointestinal parastites.

Katie Smith 2007-2013. PhD from Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge. Investigated dendritic cells and regulatory T cells in helminth infections.  Currently Wellcome Trust Fellow at Cardiff University.

Henry McSorley (2010-2014, funded through the American Asthma Foundation, 2010-2013, and Asthma UK, from 2013) PhD from Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, and postdoctoral research at Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane before joining the Maizels lab.  Worked on helminth suppression of allergies, identifying defined secreted immune-modulators and pathways of inhibition of innate and adaptive pathways.  Now Chancellor's Fellow at the Centre for Inflammation research at the University of Edinburgh.